Introducing a visionary in the world of retouching and photography, Nichole stands as a prominent force in the industry, having lent their artistic touch to renowned brands like Morphe Cosmetics, Kylie Cosmetics, r.e.m beauty, Jeffrey Star Cosmetics, and many more. 
With an illustrious and dynamic portfolio, her clean and natural retouching style has become a hallmark that captures attention.
The journey began as Nichole's unique and high-end approach to retouching that she preformed on her own photography drew the admiration of fellow photographers and brands alike. The demand for Nichole's expertise soared, making her the sought-after choice for countless campaigns by Maybelline, Neutrogena, Westman Atelier, and other industry giants.

Each image undergoes an intricate process to ensure an impeccable outcome, delivering flawlessly natural and believable results. This meticulous attention to detail not only sets her work apart, but guarantees a level of excellence that exceeds expectations. While Nichole's approach may take longer than traditional methods, the result is a breathtaking visual narrative that leaves clients and customers in awe, elevating your campaign to unparalleled heights.

For Nichole, client satisfaction is paramount. Her commitment to delivering imagery that resonates with the essence of your brand ensures a partnership that goes beyond expectations. Nichole M Photo promises a transformative experience in retouching and photography, where every image is a masterpiece tailored to captivate and inspire.

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